Video Production

Since the birth of Film and TV, media ecosystems have sprung up across the world, resulting in a robust global Media and Entertainment industry generating nearly $1.6 trillion in revenues in 2012. The direct benefits generated by the core Film and TV production industry are substantial. The impact of these benefits is underscored by the creation of significant employment opportunities spanning preproduction, production, post-production, distribution, and exhibition. For example, for every job that exists in the core Film and TV production industry, there is known to be another related job to support it. The U.A.E. has played an active role with the government fostering the infrastructure, film and TV commissions, and financing required to support a vibrant media industry. DUBAI FILM is a resource of an award-winning professional video production company that has been in business since 2003 in GCC. Client-focused media Production Company is concentrating on the development of powerful and creative videos throughout UAE and abroad. Central Films is Dubai’s #1 film production service company producing TV Commercials and Corporate films. Operating from Dubai Media City, Central Films is owned and operated by Ian Ross and Karen Coetzee. D-SEVEN Motion Pictures is a full service production company based in Dubai and Abu Dhabi that produces TV commercials, corporate films, documentaries, branded entertainment, photo-shoots, promotional films and animations. D-SEVEN also liaises with The Dubai Film and TV Commission and The National Media Council to assist with film and photography shooting permits in the UAE and manages the process with utmost speed and efficiency.
ROLLING THUNDER is an independently run film production company in Dubai that creates strong relationships between great brands and their customers. Constantly adapting digital and dynamic world their team enthusiastically solves creative problems and tells amazing stories by continually redefining the integration of animation and live-action. Phoenix is a leading Production company serving the UAE for the last two decades. They specialize in producing advertising commercials, documentaries and music videos all across the Middle East. We have shot for leading brands both internationally & locally such as Almarai, Barbican, Etihad, Emirates, Kraft, Lexus, Mercedes, Nokia, Samsung, Sony and Toyota. Epic films are a servicing creative production company based in Dubai that provides powerful video production solutions. Epic films specialize in high caliber and affordable content.